A Starry Tale

On a quiet sand dune at the edge of the universe, long before time was an idea, lies the little rock Elodinium, waiting for a sunbeam as he dreams of taking flight. When his home world crashes into another planet, Elodinium is hurled out into space. With no home and all alone, the meteoroid sets off on a journey through the early universe. Elodinium soon marvels at shimmering stars, friendly dwarf planets and dazzling galaxies. But space is a place where eternal darkness is also hidden. The most beautiful of all wonders finally confronts Elodinium with the decision to undergo one final transformation.

Currently only available in German.

Ruth B. Mór

Ruth B. Mór

Ruth B. Mór

• Publishing House: Nuport Press

• Date of publication:: July 7th 2023

• Availability (German): In stock

• 60 pages, hardcover

• ISBN: 978-3-910821-00-2

• Author: Jonathan Binhack

• Illustrations: Ruth B. Mór


The author and illustrator succeed in conveying the impression that many an astronaut describes, namely that the earth is a unique treasure floating so fragile and lonely through space.

Zucker & Zitrone

This story inspires the imagination. A mixture of fairy tale and physics.

Darmstädter Echo